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Tangiers (Gen1) Silver Tab Hookah Charcoals - 3 Pack


3 Pack of Tangiers Gen1 Silver Tab Hookah Charcoals (96pc per box/ 288pc total) 

The "silver tab" charcoals are made by Tangiers, for Tangiers. These Japanese Made Bamboo based coals put out low-medium levels of heat, the purpose of these coals is not necessarily the clouds, but to extend the life of the flavor in your session. The coals do not give off an aroma or scent like other self-lighting charcoals. 

Whats the best way to light Silver Tab Coal? 

These won't take quite as long as natural coconut coals but it's still best to toss them on a pre-heated burner. They'll light fast with the heat evenly distributed in 2-3 minutes tops if you throw these on a pre-heated burner. Check these coals out and see how they can elevate your set up for a lengthy, flavorful session.