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Regal King Pine wood Hookah


All Regal Hookahs come with (2) Alpaca Bowls - Alpaca Rook Bowl and Alpaca Predator Bowl of the newest color + Stickers + Regal Flat Tray

Regal Hookahs are known for their gorgeous wood finish, extra wide stainless steel down stem, and attention to detail. The King is the largest sized hookah out of the Regal Hookah Collection. The wider down stem offers a flow of smoke like no other. The purge valve is unique and functions great. Created from the perfect combination of aerospace level aluminum, beautiful wooden finish, and wide gauge downstem, it's hard to argue the Regal King Stem, with multiple colors to choose from in their regular woods the Regal King stands out in any collection however; not just for appearance, for performance as well as you should expect a smooth smoke from start to finish.